“I love trees and spring flowers and old fences covered with creepers. I love watching geese flying home at sunset and listening to the birds that sing and chatter in my garden. At night, I watch the bats hunting in the darkness and listen out for owls calling to one another from neighbours’ rooftops. I love the silence of an ancient woodland, a river tumbling over mossy rocks, foxes calling on a moonlit night. I love poetry and caring, and the thoughtfulness of kind words. I love waking up each day knowing that the delicate magic of life stretches before me.…”

Thank you for visiting my website, where I share my lifelong interest in wild nature and my deepest wish that we find a way to live in grace and harmony with lands and creatures that are still wild and free. I truly believe that living a simple life, connected to the land and mindful of our material impacts, adds a significant depth to one’s life that resonates with the knowledge that we are both caring and cognisant of the wider living world around us.

Through my profession as a nature writer and visual storyteller, I curate awareness initiatives that weave together images with poetic narrative through inspirational publications and displays that explore our complex, ever-changing relationship with the natural world.

I have learned over the years that it is through our emotions that we care and it is through caring that we heed the call to respond… let us work together, and where we can, to become a voice for wildlife, for wild places.

There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart...  


Panel 1

– on man, on nature –

“…we will go for a while into the wood, scattering the dew, where we will see the trout, we will see the blackbird on its nest; the deer and the buck calling…”


Panel 2

– the peace of wild places –