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Hello and welcome to my website.

Through these pages I share my love of the natural world, as well as creative offerings that reflect these interests.

As a nature writer and environmental project innovator, I have worked over the years with many inspired people and been involved in a diverse range of initiatives, each created to motivate closer connections to the world of wild nature. These projects have reaffirmed my belief that together we can work effectively towards not only preserving our natural world, but rejuvenating spaces that have been diminished or lost over time. It requires a deep collective commitment and ultimately, through working for wildlife and wild places, we are honouring the essence and sanctity of our own lives, our own wild selves.

Through all my work, I share messages  of connection to the natural environment and the many creatures great and small that live alongside us in our beautiful world.

Belinda Ashton 

Making small changes so that we live simply, tread lightly…


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working together for wildlife

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everyday encounters

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soul connections