Hello and welcome to my website.

Through these pages I share my love of the natural world, as well as professional and creative offerings that reflect these interests.

As a nature writer and environmental project innovator, I have curated a diverse range of awareness initiatives, from marine conservation to wilderness preservation and urban wildlife campaigns. I have worked alongside many inspired people and organisations, including The WILD Foundation US, WWF-SA, IFAW Southern Africa, Humane Society International US and The South African Biodiversity Institute.

My experience with these programmes has reaffirmed my belief that when we work together, sharing our passions and commitment to a specific cause, we can work effectively towards not only preserving our natural world, but restoring spaces and protecting local species that have been diminished or lost over time.

It requires a deep collective commitment and ultimately, through working for wildlife and wild places, we are honouring the essence and sanctity of our own lives, our own wild selves.

Through all my work, I share messages of connection to the natural environment and the many creatures great and small that live alongside us in our beautiful world.

Belinda Mara Ashton 

The silver apples of the moon, the golden apples of the sun.WB Yeats

P R O J E C T   I N N O V A T I O N   |   P U B L I C A T I O N S   |   N A T U R E  D I S P L A Y S

Man must be made conscious of his origins as a child of nature. Brought into the right relationship with the wilderness he would see that he was not a separate entity endowed with a divine right to subdue his fellow creatures and destroy the common heritage, but rather an integral part of the harmonious whole. He would see that his appropriation of earth’s resources beyond his personal need would only bring imbalance and beget ultimate loss and poverty for all.


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living within a wider world

“Such lovely curation of our natural environment.”  


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