Living in harmony with wildlife and wild places

Hello and welcome to my website.

Through these pages I share my love of the natural world, as well as professional and creative offerings that reflect these interests.

As a nature writer and environmental project innovator, I have created and curated many awareness initiatives, ranging from cetaceans and marine conservation, to rhino conservation, wilderness preservation and my urban wildlife programme Wild Neighbours.

I have worked alongside so many inspired people and organisations, and this experience has reaffirmed my belief that when we come together, sharing our passions and commitment to a specific cause, we can work effectively towards not only preserving our natural world, but restoring spaces and protecting local species that have been diminished or lost over time.

It requires a deep collective commitment and ultimately, through working for wildlife and wild places, we are honouring the essence and sanctity of our own lives, our own wild selves.

I truly believe that the health of the earth is inseparable from our own health.

Through my work, I share messages of connection to the natural world, and to the many creatures great and small that live alongside us.

Belinda Mara Ashton 

The natural world, with its diverse tapestry of habitats and life forms, has inspired and supported the boundless possibilities of the human spirit, shaping the foundation of all that we have become;  it awakens our imaginations and stirs our souls, reminding, evoking, taking us back to our deepest connections with the earth and its vast community of life. Out in nature, along well-worn trails, amongst wild lives and in remote wild places, we begin to experience an instinctive homecoming.

June-July 2021 – I am at present busy working on a new awareness display called ‘This Land, These Creatures – Our Wild Neighbours‘ to be launched later this year. I am also creating a small selection of paintings as part of my collection ‘Into the Woods‘.

I am part of the GirlPlanetEarth initiative –

“Through years of experience, I have come to see that we nurture feelings of concern, compassion and caring when we connect deeply, emotionally, to the land, to the animals. This connection then translates into a deep desire to live differently.”

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living within a wider world

Out in nature, as we immerse in the quiet of wild places, we are encouraged to touch the earth and connect the dots to the stars in a wider universe

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‘come forth into the light of things…’