Thank you for visiting my website where I share my work experience and lifelong interest in the natural environment. As a nature writer and visual storyteller, I weave together images with poetic narrative to create inspirational displays that explore our complex, ever-changing relationship with the natural world.

I have an enduring interest in the birds and small creatures that live alongside us.

Through the animals, knowing that they are out there living their secretive lives far amongst the hills and valleys of this beloved land, we are reminded and reassured of our own sense of belonging within the immensity of the wider living world...

“An opening of our hearts is where it all begins.”

Richard Carraway, As the Wild Geese Fly

Panel 1

– inspired by nature –

“…we will go for a while into the wood, scattering the dew, where we will see the trout, we will see the blackbird on its nest; the deer and the buck calling…”


Panel 2

– wild encounters –