“...trail with daisies and barley, down the rivers of the windfall light”


I grew up amongst the beautiful fynbos mountains of the fairest Cape, and have always lived on the urban edge where nature has been my life-long inspiration. I love walking along sandy tracks, surrounded by birds and scrubby bush, where I can lose myself in the wildness of nature. I also love poetry and music, and quiet times reading or writing.

My profession as a nature writer and visual storyteller has led over the years to working with many diverse programmes, each created to motivate closer connections with nature and the natural world. I have worked within marine, wilderness and urban wildlife conservation, curating projects that focus on sharing environmental messaging through conceptual artworks and displays.

I have learned that it is through our emotional bonding with the land that we develop an ethos of care and compassion for the natural world, at a time when so much of all that is wild and free is being lost, perhaps forever.

“…tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.


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