My Wild Garden

Through a little bit of work and know-how, it is wonderful to see how we can transform our living spaces into dynamic wild gardens filled with a rich diversity of shrubs and plants, and in so doing create habitat for the creatures great and small that live alongside us in our towns and cities.

For many birds and small mammals, these urban spaces become a welcome haven where they can find regular food and shelter in an otherwise challenging world.

And for ourselves, our gardens can become beautiful, tranquil spaces that offer quiet and sanctuary from the bustle of everyday life.

Daily interactions with nature, where we witness the ebb and flow of nature’s intricate processes, opens our eyes to the delicate magic of life and our own sense of belonging within the wider living world.

I would love to encourage you to give thought to the philosophy of gardening for wildlife. Imagine how beautiful our suburbs can become if we open our homes to nature and do all that we can to live simply and in harmony with our natural world.

Our fields and forests, the wild edges of our city, are theirs too…

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