Narrative writing

Deep amongst the hills and valleys, there are subtle whisperings of renewal and of life emerging, soft words heard upon the wind when all is still within…

Nature is my inspiration.

A lifetime of wanderings along shadowed paths, immersed in the quiet of the land, has led me inwards to a place of growing understanding; so that now, my work is infused with a deep commitment to sharing stories that speak of the wonders of the natural world, and the privilege of sharing our lives with the creatures that inhabit the wild spaces close by.

Please be in touch if you would like to chat about working together.

“Last week I had the pleasure of reading your display at Kirstenbosch. Word for word I connected with what you are expressing there! It was wonderful to connect in that way – these moments are pockets of inspiration and hope.”

Chanèl Rossouw

One of my species interpretative signboards, introducing the iconic dikkop, known to many of us through its early evening calls