Project Innovation

Project Innovation

Working to help conserve the earth’s wildlife and wild places has involved raising awareness around crucial conservation issues, from the impacts of urbanisation on wildlife, to wilderness protection, rhino poaching and threats facing the world’s cetaceans.

With my husband Noel Ashton, we have launched many programmes that shine a spotlight on these issues, with the vision of changing people’s perceptions not only around how we relate to and impact on the natural world, but how the natural world supports our own lives.

Each project involves :

  • concept and origination
  • securing programme partners and sponsorships
  • creation of copy / promotional materials
  • implementation (including printing / installations)
  • managing media and launch events

Programmes have included –

Sacred Ocean anti-whaling campaign with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The campaign message went around the world through Reuters and many thousands of people joined the campaign. Programme partners included the Two Oceans Aquarium and IFAW Southern Africa.

Windows on the Ocean awareness campaign in partnership with The De Beers Group and IFAW. Launched in the Two Oceans Aquarium and then the Whale Museum in Hermanus. Seen by over a million people.

Reconnecting with Nature in partnership with the SA National Biodiversity Institute. These displays were installed in the nine National Botanical Gardens throughout South Africa. Focusing on our connections to the natural world and seen by many thousands of visitors to the national botanical gardens. With sponsorship from the Hans Hoheisen Trust.

Mapungbubwe Revisited campaign with WWF South Africa. Through various special events, we raised over ZAR 550 000.00 for WWF’s rhino conservation work.

Wild Neighbours in partnership with The Humane Society US, IFAW, De Beers Marine and Woolworths SA. Various awareness materials have been created and distributed over the years, including booklets, awareness flyers and outdoor signboards which were installed in 12 nature reserves and 3 private estates around Cape Town.

Please be in touch if you would like to chat about working together.