This Land, These Creatures

Working for wildlife and wild places

They live deep in the shadows, moving quietly between our towns and what remains of their natural habitats. Although hardy and resilient, they frequently coming into contact with people and all the commotion of the modern world…

This Land, These Creatures is an inspirational visual display that synthesizes my deep love of the natural world, with my growing concerns for the well being of the birds and small mammals that live alongside us in urban centres around the world.

A beautiful initiative – may it grow and expand and inspire many to live in greater harmony with our wild neighbours.”


This Land, These Creatures – A Brief Overview

This Land, These Creatures consists of a series of visual storyboards that comprise evocative imagery and accompanying short text narratives.

The display can be exhibited in prominent public spaces such as natural history venues, halls, city parks, or alternatively, online in its digital format.

Please be in touch if you would like to chat about exhibiting the display.

Twelve of the thirty-two display panels…

Photograph of the Pine Marten by Peter Cairns/