This Land, These Creatures Display

A visual display for wildlife, for wild places

Hello! Thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in this initiative.

I have many years of experience working for wildlife through my Wild Neighbours programme, and this new display synthesizes my deep love of the natural world, and my growing concerns for the well being of the creatures great and small that live alongside us.

I have created ‘This Land, These Creatures’ as a visual awareness display that can be exhibited in public spaces.

Please send me a message if you would like to view the display –

This Land, These Creatures – A Brief Overview

The display consists of 34 storyboards – each storyboard has a compelling photograph and short text narrative, created as such so that they are easy and quick to read.

It is my vision to exhibit the display in prominent public spaces such as natural history venues, halls, city parks, so that the message is shared widely.

Please be in touch if you would like to chat about exhibiting the display.

Photograph of the Pine Marten by Peter Cairns/