Throughout my work as a writer and project innovator, I share stories of nature… stories that take us deeper into the natural world, where we can experience a profound sense of connecting along dusty trails, surrounded by the tinkling of birdsong or the rustling of the wind in dry grasses.

I have always felt that it through our emotions that we connect with this world of wild nature – if this resonates with your own vision and story-telling, and if you are giving thought to creating an awareness display with a nature theme, or perhaps exploring the pathway towards publishing your own book, then please be in touch so that we can chat about the possibility of working together.

On Man, on Nature, and on Human Life, Musing in solitude…

William Wordsworth

As we tend our gardens through the seasons, observing the ebb and flow of nature’s processes, so we bear witness to the web of life and nurture a closer, more meaningful connection to the earth itself. Through our gardens, amongst the trees, the tangle of plants and weeds, the birds and small creatures, we experience feelings of kinship with wild nature..

‘This Land, These Creatures’ awareness display as part of the Wild Neighbours initiative